A Biblía Satânica por Magus Tsirk Susej (Anticristo)

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Muitas vezes algumas pessoas sentem curiosidade de como realizar invocações, magias, etc.
Aqui passarei algumas invocações retiradas da bíblia demoníaca de Magnus Tsirk Susej (Anticristo), servo e discípulo de Dark Lord, como revelado a ele pelo seu profano demônio guardião, espírito Azael.
Nesta bíblia ele também fala de algumas chaves, as chaves angelicais ou demoníacas.
Tradicionalmente, existem nove ordens de anjos. A primeira e mais alta ordem é Seraphim, o segundo é Querubins, Tronos é o terceiro, o quarto é Dominions, o quinto é Virtudes, o sexto é Powers, o sétimo é Principados, o oitavo são Arcanjos e Anjos são o nono.

Estas ordens de permanecer na parte superior, céus (os céus inferiores são as esferas planetárias e constelações fixas).
Dentro de cada ordem existem ambos os espíritos superiores e inferiores. As dezoito chaves são chamadas para os espíritos superiores e inferiores nas nove ordens angelicais. 

A primeira e a segunda chave chamam os espíritos superiores e inferiores da
Ordem dos Anjos, a terceira e a quarta chave chamam os espíritos superiores e inferiores da Ordem dos Arcanjos, a quinta e a sexta chamam os espíritos superiores e os espíritos inferiores na Ordem dos Principados, e assim por diante. Ao recitar as chaves, você irá, de fato, fazer a guerra nos céus e fazendo esses espíritos estar sob seu controle. Isto é seguido pela chamada dos 30 Ayres. Os Ayres são espíritos que presidem as divisões da terra e dos céus. Os Ayres existem além de tudo que nós compreendemos como o tempo e o espaço e têm, portanto, o poder de mudar a realidade. Apelando aos Ayres, o mago pode trabalhar diretamente sobre a própria esfera Aeonic. O mágico que declara uma lei ou fala uma "palavra" que muda a Aeon atual ou traz a criação de um novo Aeon, torna-se um Mago.

Texto Original da bíblia de Magnus falando sobre as chaves:
“ The First Key  

I reign over you sayeth the God of Justice in power exalted above the firmaments of wrath; in Whose hands the Sun is as a sword, and the Moon as a through- thrusting fire, which measureth your garments in the midst of my vestures, and trussed you together as the palms of my hands; Whose seats I garnished with the fire of gathering and beautified your garments with admiration, to whom I made a law to govern the holy ones, and delivered you a rod with the ark of knowledge. 
Moreover you lifted up your voices and swore obedience and faith to him that 
liveth and triumpheth, whose beginning is not nor end cannot be, which shineth as a flame in the midst of your palace and rayngneth amonst you as the balance of righteousness, and truth: Move therefore, and show yourselves. Open the Mysteries of your Creation. Be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same, your God; the true Worshipper of the Highest. 
The Second Key 

Can the wings of the winds understand your voices of wonder? O you the second of the first, Whom the burning flames have framed within the depths of my jaws, whom I have prepared as Cups for a wedding or as the flowers in their beauty for the Chamber of righteousness. Stronger are your feet then the barren stone, and mightier are your voices than the manifold winds. For you are become a building such as is not but in the mind of the all powerful. Arise sayeth the First. Move therefore unto his Servants. Show yourselves in power and make me a strong Seer-of-things, for I am of him that liveth forever. 
The Third Key 

Behold sayeth your God, I am a Circle on Whose hands stand 12 Kingdoms. Six are the seats of living breath, the rest are as sharp sickles, or the horns of death wherein the Creatures of the earth are, and are not, Except in mine own hand, which sleep and shall rise. In the first I made you stuards and placed you in the 12 seats of government, giving unto every one of you power successively over the 456 true ages of time, to the intent that, from your highest vessels and the Corners of your governments, you might work my power, powring down the fires of life and increase continually on the earth. Thus you are become the skirts of Justice and Truth. In the name of the same, your God, Lift up, I say, yourselves. Behold his mercies flourish and his Name is become mighty amongst us. In whom we say Move, Descend and apply yourselves unto us as unto partakers of the secret wisdom of your Creation. 
The Fourth Key 

I have set my feet in the South and have looked about me saying, are not the 
Thunders of increase numbered 33, which reign in the second Angle, under whom I have placed 9,639 Whom None hath yet numbered, but one, in whom the second beginning of things are and wax strong which also successively are the numbers of time; and their powers are as the first 456. Arise you sons of pleasure, and visit the earth: for I am the Lord your God, which is, and liveth. In the name of the Creator, Move, and shew yourselves as pleasant deliverers That you may praise him amongst the sons of men. 
The Fifth Key 

The mighty sounds have entered into the third angle, and are become as olives in the olive mount looking with gladness upon the earth and dwelling in the brightness of the heavens as continual comforters, unto whom I fastened 19 pillars of gladness and gave them vessels to water the earth with her creatures, and they are the brothers of the first and second and the beginning of their own seats which are garnished with 69,636 continually burning lamps whose numbers are as the first, the ends, and the contents of time. Therefore come you and obey your creation, visit us in peace and comfort. Conclude us as receivers of your mysteries; for why? Our Lord and Master is all one. 
The Sixth Key 

The spirits of the 4th Angle are Nine, Mighty in the firmaments of waters, Whom the first hath planted, a torment to the wicked and a garland to the righteous giving unto them fiery darts to vanne the earth and 7,699 continually Workmen whose courses visit with comfort the earth and are in government and continuance as the second and the third. Wherefore hearken unto my voice. I have talked of you and I move you in power and presence, whose works shall be a song of honor and the praise of your God in your creation.  
The Seventh Key 

The East is a house of virgins singing praises amongst the flames of the first 
glory, wherein the Lord hath opened his mouth and they are become 28 Living 
dwellings in whom the strength of men rejoyceth and they are appareled with 
ornaments of brightness such as work wonders on all creatures Whose Kingdoms and continuance are as the third and fourth strong towers and places of comfort, the seats of mercy and continuance. O you Servants of Mercy, Move, Appear, sing praises unto the Creator, and be mighty amongst us. For to this remembrance is given power and our strength waxeth strong in our Comforter. 
The Eighth Key 

The Midday of the first is as the third heaven made of 26 Hyacinth pillars in 
whom the Elders are become strong which I have prepared for my own righteousness sayth the Lord whose long continuance shall be as bucklers to the stooping Dragons and like unto the harvest of a widow. How many are there which remain in the glory of the earth which are and shall not see death until this house fall and the Dragon sink? Come away, for the Thunders have spoken. Come away, for the Crowns of the Temple and the coat of him that is, was, and shall be crowned are divided. Come appear to the terror of the earth and to our comfort and of such as are prepared. 
The Ninth Key 

A mighty guard of fire with two-edged swords flaming (which have 8 viols of 
wrath for two times and a half; whose wings are of wormwood, and of the marrow of salt,) have settled their feet in the West, and are measured with their 9,996 Ministers. These gather up the moss of the earth as the rich man doth his treasor: Cursed are they whose iniquities they are. In their eyes are millstones greater than the earth And from their mouths run seas of blood. Their heads are covered with diamond, and upon their heads are marble selves. Happy is he on whom they frown not. For why? The god of righteousness rejoiceth in them. Come away and not your Viols for the time is such as requireth comfort. 
The Tenth Key 

The Thunders of Judgment and Wrath are numbered and haborowed in the North in the likeness of an oak whose branches are 22 Nests of lamentation and weeping layd up for the earth which burn night and day and vomit out the heads of scorpions and live sulfur mingled with poison. These be the thunders that 5,678 times in the 24th part of a moment rore with a hundred mighty earthquakes and a thousand times as many surges which rest not neither know at any time here. One rock bringeth forth 1,000 even as the heart of man doth his thoughts. Wo wo wo wo wo wo yea wo be to the earth for her iniquity is, was, and shall be great. Come away but not your mighty sounds. 
The Eleventh Key 

The mighty seat groaned and there were 5 thunders which flew into the east and the eagle spake and cried with a loud voice, Come away, and they gathered themselves together in the house of death of whom it is measured and it is as they are whose number is 31. Come away, For I have prepared a place for you. Move therefore and shew yourselves, open the Mysteries of your Creation. Be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same, your God, the true worshipper of the Highest. 
The Twelfth Key 

O you that reign in the south and are the 28 lanterns of sorrow, bind up your 
girdles and visit us. Bring down your 3, 663 trained that the Lord may be magnified whose name amongst you is Wrath. Move, I say, and shew yourselves open the mysteries of your Creation be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same, your God, the true worshipper of the Highest. 
The Thirteenth Key 

Oh you swords of the south which have 42 eyes to stir up wrath of sin making men drunken which are empty; behold the promise of God and his power which is called amongst you a bitter sting. Move and shew yourselves, Open the mysteries of your Creation. Be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same, your God, the true worshipper of the Highest. 
The Fourteenth Key 

Oh you sons of fuy and daughters of the Just which sit upon 24 seats vexing all creatures of the earth with age; which have under you 1,636. Behold the voice of God, the promise of him which is called amongst you Fury, or Extreme Justice. Move and shew yourselves. Open the mysteries of your Creation. Be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same, your God, the true worshipper of the Highest. 
The Fifteenth Key 

O thou the governor of the first flame under whose wings are 6,739 which weave the earth with dryness; which knowest of the great name Righteousness and the seal of Honor. Move and shew yourselves. Open the mysteries of your Creation. Be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same, your God, the true worshipper of the Highest. 
The Sixteenth Key 

O thou second flame the house of Justice which hast thy beginning in glory, and shalt comfort the just, which walkest on the earth with 876 feet that understand and separate creatures; Great art thou in the God of stretch-forth-and-conquer. Move and shew yourselves. Open the mysteries of your Creation. Be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same, your God, the true worshipper of the Highest. 
The Seventeenth Key 

O thou third flame whose wings are thorns to stir up vexation, and hast 7,336 
living lamps going before thee, whose God is Wrath in Anger. Gird up thy loynes and harken. Move and shew yourselves. Open the mysteries of your Creation. Be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same, your God, the true worshipper of the Highest. 
The Eighteenth Key 

O thou mighty light and burning flame of comfort which openest the glory of God to the center of the earth. In whom the 6,332 secrets of truth have their 
abiding which is called in thy Kingdom IOYE and is not to be measured, be thou a window of comfort unto me. Move and shew yourselves. Open the mysteries of your Creation. Be friendly nto me for I am the servant of the same, your God, the true worshipper of the Highest. 

The Call of the 30 Ayres 
Oh you [LIL] which dwell in the [first Ayre] are mighty in the parts of the 
Earth and execute the Judgment of the highest. To you it is said, behold the 
face of your God, the beginning of comfort, whose eyes are the brightness of the heavens, which provided you for the government of the Earth, and her unspeakable variety furnishing you with a power of understanding to dispose all things according to the providence of him that sitteth on the Holy Throne and rose up in the beginning saying, The Earth let her be governed by her parts and let there be Division in her, that the glory of her may be always drunken and vexed in itself. Her course, let it run with the heavens, and as a handmaid let her serve them. One season Let it confound another, And let there be no creature upon or within her the same. All her members let them differ in their qualities, And let there be no one creature equal with another. The reasonable Creatures of Earth or Men let them vex and weed out one another, And the dwelling places, let them forget their names. The work of man and his pomp, let them be defaced. His buildings let them become Caves for the beasts of the field. Confound her understanding with darkness. For why? It repenteth me I made Man. One while let her be known, and another while a stranger. Because she is the bed of an harlot, and the dwelling place of him that is fallen. O you heavens, arise, the lower heavens underneath you, Let them serve you. Govern those that govern. Cast down, cast down such as fall. Bring forth with those that increase, And destroy the rotten: No place let it remain in one number: Add and Diminish until the stars be numbered. Arise, Move and Appear before the covenant of his mouth which he hath sworn unto us in his Justice. Open the Mysteries of your Creation, and Make us partakers of undefiled knowledge. 

The First Ayre: LIL The Eleventh Ayre: ICH The Twenty-first Ayre: ASP 
The Second Ayre: ARN The Twelfth Ayre: LOE The Twenty-second Ayre: LIN 
The Third Ayre: ZOM The Thirteenth Ayre: ZIM The Twenty-third Ayre: TOR 
The Fourth Ayre: PAZ The Fourteenth Ayre: UTA The Twenty-fourth Ayre: NIA 
The Fifth Ayre: LIT The Fifteenth Ayre: OXO The Twenty-fifth Ayre: UTI 
The Sixth Ayre: MAZ The Sixteenth Ayre: LEA The Twenty-sixth Ayre: DES 
The Seventh Ayre: DEO The Seventeenth Ayre: TAN The Twenty-seventh Ayre: ZAA 
The Eighth Ayre: ZID The Eighteenth Ayre: ZEN The Twenty-eighth Ayre: BAG 
The Ninth Ayre: ZIP The Nineteenth Ayre: POP The Twenty-ninth Ayre: RII 
The Tenth Ayre: ZAX The Twentieth Ayre: CHR The Thirtieth Ayre: TEX 
General Invocation for Calling Any of the Spirits 
I call all the Forces of Darkness into myself, 
Into this body, this temple which I have prepared and set apart to the Dark 
I call all the Forces of Darkness into myself. 
For I am the Unholy of Unholies. 
I am the Abomination of Abominations. 
I am the Devil born flesh upon the earth. 
I am the Devil Incarnate upon the earth. 
I have crossed the Gates of Hell and I have become the Devil Incarnate. 
I am Satan; I am Lucifer; I am Belial; and I am Leviathan. 
I call all the Forces of Darkness into myself. 
I call all the Forces of Darkness into myself. 
N. I invoke thee. 
N. I summon thee. 
N. I conjure thee. 
Come forth, N. and manifest thyself, 
Within this body, this temple which I have prepared. 
Come forth N. and manifest thyself. 
Come forth N. and manifest thyself. 
(drink from chalice, then say:)  
I call all the Forces of Darkness into myself. 
I call all the Forces of Darkness into myself.  
The Spirits Which May Be Called 
This is a listing of the spirits which I have invoked using this formula. Their 
names are derived from various sources should you wish to consult further works 
on mythology and demonology. Each name possesses a power in itself. It is not 
necessary for you to research a spirit before invoking it. There are countless 
other spirits which may be invoked and their names may be found in other books 
and grimoires.  
Abraxas The Loa Baron Samedi Maman Brigitte Baron Cemetary Ea 
Baron Cross Nibo Dracula Ogon Mormo Legion 
Damballah Vodu Pazuzu Bitru Gelal Azazel 
Lamia Humwawa Buer Prometheus Cybelle The Cambions 
Thanatos Berith Caacrinolaas Aiwass Cacodemons Baron 
Diana Catabolignes Rossier Aries Carreau Semjaza 
Perrier Oliver Lycanthrope Junier Armaros Sarcueil 
Baraqijel Fume-Bouche Pierre-le-Feu Carniveau Kokabel Terrier 
Naamah Contellier Ezeqeel Behemoth Araqiel Candelier 
Shamsiel Oillette Sariel Belphegor Sabathan Garandier 
Dolers Pierre-Fort Axaphat Prisier Kakos Lucesme 
Bifrons The Qlipth Biffant Anamelech Bechard Mammon 
Barquest Thamuz Barqu Hutjin Bar-Lgura Martinet 
Bathym The Allrunes Bahaman Alu-demon Bachelor Nephthys 
Amaymon Baalzephon Amduscious Baalberith Ayperor Mictian 
Balan Loki Anarazel Mastema Baltazo O-Yama 
Anneberg Baphomet T-an’mo Ansitif Yen-lo-Wang Bayemon 
Nebo Ardat-Lile Ahpuch Bearded Demon Arioch Zepar 
Erebus Rakshasa Zernebooch Rahu Nox Zapan 
Selene The Paigoels Volac Nat Luna Zeabos 
Mars Mictlan Zabulon Mandragoras Verdelet Mananan 
Veltis Malphas Agathodemon The Jinn Ahazudemon The Ivunches 
Ahrimanes The Ifrits Pwcca Alastor The Titans Aldinach 
The Guccubu Alocer The Nephilim Alpiel The Diaka Abigor 
Eblis Azazil Haris Diabolis Apepi Tiawath 
Mictlantecutli Ahi The ConferentesAdramelech Chiton Beleth 
Agares Leraie Morax Forcas Leonard Pluto 
Adramelech Nergal Baal Abishai Vassago Samigina 
Marbas Valephor Amon Barbatos Gusion Sitri 
Eligos Zepar Botis Bathin Sallos Purson 
Ipis Aim Naberius Glasyalabolis Bune Ronove 
Forneus Gaap Foras Asmoday Mantus Furfur 
Marchosias Stolas Phoenix Halphas Raum Focalor 
Vepar Sabnoch Shax Vine Biphrons Uvall 
Haagenti Crocell Balaam Aloces Camio Murmur 
Orobas Gremory Ose Amy Oriax Vapula 
Zagan Andres Haures Adrealphus Cimejes Decarabia 
Seere Dantalion Andromalius Amduscious Molech Kraken 
Euronymous Metztli Sabazios Coyote Mephistopheles Samnu 
Sammuel Haborym Yaotzin Cimeries Midgard Tezcatlipoca 
Nihasa Typhon Mania Shamad Fenriz Rimmon 
Bile Bast Sekhmet Iblis 
Here endeth the Demonic Bible 
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 
(The 30 division of the earth and the heavens) 
SERAPHIM: Spirits of the Order of Seraphim 
CHERUBIM: Spirits of the Order of Cherubim 
THRONES: Spirits of the Order of Thrones  
DOMINIONS: Spirits of the Order of Dominions 
VIRTUES: Spirits of the Order of Virtues 
POWERS: Spirits of the Order of Powers 
PRINCIPALITIES: Spirits of the Order of Principalities 
ARCHANGELS: Spirits of the Order of Archangels 
ANGELS: Spirits of the Order of Angels 
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 
(The twelve astrological divisions of the Zodiac) 
SATURN: Spirits of the Saturnian Sphere 
JUPITER: Spirits of the Jupiterian Sphere 
MARS: Spirits of the Martian Sphere 
SOL: Spirits of the Solar Sphere 
VENUS: Spirits of the Venuscian Sphere 
MERCURY: Spirits of the Mercurial Sphere 
LUNA: Spirits of the Lunar Sphere 
Belial Lucifer Satan Leviatan 
Elemental Spheres: EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER, 
Elemental Spirits, Demons, Djin, & Intelligences 
The Locks of the Abyss: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 
Spirits of the Dead: Ghosts, Specters, Banshees, Poltergeists, etc.  
Chaotic Spirits: ABOMINATIONS 
The Nine Angles: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9”

A seguir você encontrará algumas invocações de alguns espíritos (o blog não se responsabiliza por tentativas de invocações ou algo do tipo).

Invocação de Set

“Set, eu te invoco.
Set, eu invoco.
Set, eu te conjuro.
Sai daí, definir e manifestar-te
Dentro deste corpo, este templo que te tenho preparado.
Sai daí, Set, e manifesta-te.
Sai daí, Set, e manifesta-te.
(bebida do cálice, em seguida, dizer :) Eu cruzei a primeira esfera, o primeiro ângulo
entre os mundos.”

Invocação de Azael

“Azael, eu te invoco.
Azael, eu invoco.
Azael, eu te conjuro.
Saí, Azael, e manifesta-te
Dentro deste corpo, este templo que te tenho preparado.
Saí, Azael, e manifesta-te.
Saí, Azael, e manifesta-te.
Abra bem a tua porta para que eu possa atravessar.
Abra bem a tua porta para que eu possa ascender às esferas planetárias.
Saí, Azael, e manifesta-te.
Saí, Azael, e manifesta-te.
(bebida do cálice, em seguida, dizer :) Eu cruzei a Esfera Solar.”

Invocação de Lilith

“Lillith, eu te invoco.
Lillith, eu invoco.
Lillith, eu te conjuro.
Sai daí, Lilith, e manifesta-te
Dentro deste corpo, este templo que te tenho preparado.
Sai daí, Lilith, e manifesta-te.
Abra bem a tua porta para que eu possa atravessar.
Abra bem a tua porta para que eu possa descer para o Reino do Caos.
Sai daí, Lilith, e manifesta-te.
Sai daí, Lilith, e manifesta-te.
(bebida do cálice)”

Cada uma dessas invocações servem para romper uma dimensão, inicia-se com Set para cruzar a primeira esfera, Azael seria o ultimo para cruzar a Esfera Solar e Lilith seria uma dos rituais para descer ao Reino do Caos, onde repousa o Deus caído.

Foi explicado o básico acima, são vários rituais com finalidades diferentes que não foram citados pois a postagem ficaria muito grande , espero que gostem.

Post feito por um colaborador.

Vão pela sombra, Equipe Eutanásia.  

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  1. Olá! Uma vez achei, navegando na Deep Web, uma bíblia demoníaca/satânica, não sei ao certo mas, nela havia escrito em uma das primeiras páginas, em inglês algo como se estivesse ensinando a servir a Lúcifer... Algo como: ''eu renuncio Deus, renuncio à Santa Trindade, renuncio...'' e depois algo como: ''entrego minha alma à (nome da entidade)...'' não li o resto pois estava com receio de ocorrer algo mas, atualmente quero muito ler isso. Será que você sabe que bíblia é essa ou se é uma bíblia ou algum livro satânico?
    Obrigado pela atenção.
    Atenciosamente, anônimo.

  2. Anônimo, eu creio que isso já seja algo como um "batismo" e tal. Sl.


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